The trail

By Mariano Díaz Prieto


Julia Fernández Laín

Foreign Rights Manager

About the book:

Through images, this book tells the story of a coming-of-age journey in which home is left behind to discover a new universe. Traversing fears and phantoms, following a very special guide, the hardest of challenges are overcome until the real self is found. From then on, it is just a matter of contemplating reality through different eyes. This is a wordless book which opens to different readings and interpretations, creating a narrative as the story progresses, and letting readers immerse themselves in a new reading experience every time.


A young person wakes up in a dangerous place that marks the beginning of a coming-of-age journey. Together with a sage, that person will travel through fantastic worlds beyond what we know: a river with mermaids, a forest haunted by spirits, a very mysterious tree... Do you dare to follow the trail?

Translated by Mercedes Rego Perlas / Laura Estefanía