The inside of animals

By Nadia Batalla


Guido Indij


About the book:

A book of fantastic anatomies that can make a great gift or provide a time of family delight. Imagination, humor and curiosity are at the heart of this book, which reimagines the inside of animals just like kids would. Hoses, plungers, wheels, musical instruments and what not. Who knows what hides inside the bodies of our dear friends the animals?


The inner life of animals is finally revealed in ten illustrations that show how elephants, toads, flamingoes, whales, deer, turtles, penguins, chameleons, hippos, and kangaroos REALLY look from the inside. Venture into the world of everyday objects that make up this fascinating visual anatomy. Who would say that there are telescopes behind the eyes of an elephant? Or that its trunk hides a hose? Fantastic and unexpected anatomies in full color illustrations: imagination, humor and a keen interest in animals and nature.

Translated by Mercedes Rego Perlas / Laura Estefanía