The ferment store

By Silvina Premmurti


Andrea Inés Canevaro

Managing Editor

About the book:

Key points

• “This is a book that will help us heal the harm to intestinal microbiota produced by bad eating habits and the indiscriminate use of medication” (Dr. Dante Converti)

• “Key facts of mindful eating, and secrets of healthy cooking explained by a true alchemist” (Marina Borenstein)

• “Fermentation is an extraordinary energetic mechanism that strengthens our tissues and, hence, our vital systems” (Dr. Mario Garcia). Contents: Recipes – Fermented plant milks – Home-made vinegar – Lacto-fermented vegetables – Gluten-free fermented bread – Black belt level sourdough – Unit conversion.


Probiotics, kimchi, sprouts, sourdough, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, and more. The ferments in my kitchen speak out, express themselves and dance; I can hear their bubbles and they interact with me. I have a true garden of jars and bottles in all shapes and sizes with multi-colored versions of sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir. Fermenting is very simple; you do not have to be an expert or set up a lab. All you need is to generate certain equilibrium conditions and be patient. Not much is required, there are no complex recipes or exotic ingredients. In fact, fermenting is intuitive, and no two ferments will ever be alike. In this book, I will teach you ancient techniques and many kinds of recipes to prepare sourdough, vegan cheese, different kinds of vinegar and bread, and much more. The key is falling in love with the process and channeling the alchemist in you.

Translated by Jorge Rafael Abuchedid / Cecilia Della Croce