Sheep count flowers

By Micaela Chirif, Amanda Mijangos


Belén Chaud

Producción editorial

About the book:

This picture book consists of a poem that plays with the classical trick of counting sheep to get to sleep. What do sheep count to sleep? Micaela Chirif’s reply is a simple and inviting poem that proposes an intense dialogue with the pictorial illustrations by Amanda Mijangos, creating a deep and stimulating experience.
It is an ideal bedtime companion, connecting the reader with the imaginative and fanciful world of dreams, conjuring different elements of nature.
Levine Querido, winner of the BOP 2021 (Bologna Prize to the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year) as the best publisher in North America, acquired the rights to publish Sheep Count Flowers in English and Dutch.


You might wonder, what do sheep count to go to sleep? Flowers. One sunflower, two roses, three geraniums, four jasmine, and so on. They also tell tales about rhinoceros, airplanes, rainbows, and other sheep who live far away. And later, once they are asleep, they sometimes have nightmares, and sometimes they fly free among blue, purple, green, and white dreams.

Translated by Jorge Rafael Abuchedid / Cecilia Della Croce