By Adrián Yeste, Gina García


Ramiro Villalba


About the book:

A picture book, reminiscent of the oral tradition, Seashelling takes us on a journey which, along with the illustrations, revisits the concept of circularity and its shapes, transforming it into a story that always begins again at the end.


The wind inspired the sail, the sail propelled the ship, the ship grazed the sea, the sea colored the fish, the fish woke the wave, the wave toppled the girl, the girl shook the crab, the crab pinched the dog, the dog scared the seagull, the seagull ruffled the boy, the boy dropped the bucket, the bucket launched the seashell, and the seashell unleashed the wind that inspired the sail that propelled the ship that grazed the sea that colored the fish that woke the wave that toppled the girl that shook the crab that pinched the dog that scared the seagull that ruffled the boy that dropped the bucket that launched the seashell that whispered this story in my ear.

Translated by Rafael Abuchedid / Edited by Cecilia Della Croce.