No One’s Paradise

By Susana Thénon


Juan Manuel Pampín

Gerente General

About the book:

Ahead of her time, Thénon grows day after day as we re-read her original work and its translations, within the framework of a feminist tradition in Argentine literature. This book invites new generations of readers.





in deaf innocence

with her agony-heavy nude

she claims more god

seeks a higher name for fire

and in her tremor there is no vine

there is nothing but the fortunic sword.



Non-sleep out of love

non-sleep out of shadow

non-sleep out of death

when all your dreams

were already dreamt

when the archaic nightmare

and the sound and hatched

and her daughters

spawn in your fear.



In the asylums of the past

in the crime hoarse nights

where flesh is dream

where the fluorescent bread of fate

ripens alone

I sing to you

with that form of love invisible to time

with that language of birds


to death.


Translated by Rafael Abuchedid / Edited by Cecilia Della Croce.