My shame

By Javier Garrido


Mercedes Rodrigué


About the book:

Welcome to the colorful world of Javier Garrido’s most recent book for children. A fascinating book that will grab your attention right from the get-go and generate instant empathy, giving children the tools they need to face their fears. This is a favorite of teachers and education professionals, thanks to Garrido’s drawings, which are fresh and original, and perfectly complement the story.


The main character in this story is always ashamed. She’s ashamed when she makes mistakes, when people go snickering around her, when everybody stares at her—she feels shameful all the time! But she has decided to make a drawing of her shame. And then she shares it with us so that maybe, we’ll manage to shrink the shame and stop it from taking up all the free space in the pages of our lives.


Translated by Mercedes del Sol Acosta - Edited by Cecilia Della Croce