Life of a Pencil

By Nicolás Schuff, Martina Trach


Belén Chaud

Producción editorial

About the book:

Written by Nicolás Shuff and illustrated by Martina Trach, this poignant story—about a pencil, of all things—will leave young and not-so-young readers thinking about the intangible thread that connects us all. Be bold and explore the hidden stories behind everyday objects, for even the tiniest thing could have an enormous, and even magical, impact on our lives.


A cedar tree that grows in the forest is cut down, and, with its wood, the pencil that is at the heart of this story is made. It will travel from hand to hand, from a store in Canada to a table in a Buenos Aires café. Everywhere it goes, it finds a temporary owner: a prisoner that’s planning his escape, a student in love, a traveling architect, a portrait artist that works in a hotel. In the end, pushed by chance, or perhaps destiny, it will fall into the hands of the writer that tells the story of this mysterious and seemingly random journey: nothing more—and nothing less—than the life of a pencil.


Translated by Mercedes del Sol Acosta - Edited by Cecilia Della Croce