International vegan cooking

By Las hermanas veganas


Andrea Inés Canevaro

Managing Editor

One of the greatest delights of foreign travel is the chance to try new flavours, enjoy the wonders of unknown ingredients and discover different ways to combine seasonings. There are many, many traditional dishes in international cuisine that most vegans would never even entertain because they contain animal-based ingredients. But ‘The Vegan Sisters’ decided to ‘veganise’ everything, from crispy croissants to creamy risottos, via spicy tacos and unconventional sushi, and finishing up with a scrumptious lump of cheesecake. We ‘The Vegan Sisters’ – a.k.a. Lorena, Mariela and Sabrina Raffaelli – are the creators of the blog We come from a traditional Argentinian Italian/Spanish family background. Professionally, all three of us work as designers, though in the fields of graphic design, fashion and accessories respectively. But when all three of us went vegan around the same time, a whole new world of cooking opened up for us. After long pilgrimages, building up our hopes and backing each other to the hilt, we released our first book in March 2019: Comida Típica Argentina Vegana [Traditional Argentinian Vegan Cooking]. We’re currently working on our second. ‘These wonderful self-starters of vegan cuisine represent everything that's right about food. They put passion, research and verve into making recipes vegans wouldn’t otherwise be able to eat simple and easily accessible.’ Germán Martitegui, renowned Argentinian chef.