Hands of wind

By Istvan Schritter


Silvia Sirkis


About the book:

This unique book is a journey, at once poetic and informative, to the Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands), located in the Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. With words and cut-out illustrations perfectly recreating the Argentine Patagonia in all its beauty and simplicity, this book takes us back in time to understand this prehistoric artistic legacy.


Before the before of before, there was the wind. And the canyons with their high rocky walls, the river, the ice, and the snow, chastising as much as giving life to Patagonian birds and bushes, and wild animals: the calafate and the coirón, the choique and the guanaco. After the before (much later than before, but much earlier than now), the wind brought some peoples. Those peoples brought an idea, and this idea was: “May my footprint survive.”

Translated by Jorge Rafael Abuchedid / Cecilia Della Croce