Everything that Happened Before You Came Along

By Yael Frankel


Belén Chaud

Producción editorial

About the book:

A book on love, identity, growth, and the importance of strengthening and celebrating family bonds, Everything that Happened Before You Came Along is a heart-warming text for readers of all ages. Yael Frankel's witty narration and her expressive illustrations tell us about a child’s first encounter with the world around him and his feelings as he welcomes a new member into his family. This award-winning book has already been translated into English, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Swedish, but is worthy of reaching each and every corner of the world.


A boy tells his soon-to-arrive brother about everything he can expect to encounter once he is born, and everything that happened before he came along. From a droll, innocent and candid point of view, this young and impatient narrator speaks with unusual depth about time, change and familial bonds.


Translated by Rocío Molina Biasone - Edited by Paula Galindez